Sven Patzer’s Licensed Professional Services

Google News PR Package is a powerful tool for any business looking to increase their visibility and credibility through PR. We combine keyword research and trends to ensure your story appears in key searches, both short and long-term. With over 200 Google News approved sites, including popular news brands like, Newstrail,, Yahoo Finance, FilmDaily, and AP News, we guarantee your story will be shared across multiple news domains, increasing your SEO value with a DA of 30 to 80.

Our package includes 4 articles, 3 unique feature editorials, and 1 press release, all of which are written by genuine journalists, not “sponsored or press release” writers. We work with you to craft a newsworthy story that quotes a company representative, and ensures that your company or staff names feature alongside other important names in the news.

This package is an excellent way to combat any negative or unfair PR on the web and establish yourself as a credible business. Our collaborative process means that you can provide input and feedback on your story, ensuring that it is on-time and capitalizes on news trends.

Available sectors include Business, Technology, Marketing, Health, Finance, Crypto, Travel, and International Affairs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get your business in the news and increase your visibility and credibility.